Author of the 1# International Amazon bestseller ‘Never Work Again´

Hi, Erlend Bakke here founder of and the author of the amazon best seller NEVER WORK AGAIN.

Today i’m at the top of Heron tower here on  beautiful London town and I’m a having some beautiful duck and waffle which is a name of the famous restaurant as well. It’s another thing on my bucket list and  since I’m leaving for New York, It is  good to do this things just I said in last videos. When you live somewhere you gotta have plans of doing all this things, and you come to your  end of your stay much like you know, maybe the end of your life and then you realized oh, I haven’t done all this things so I just encourages to do a couple of things on bucket list that you have, and then you get all this cool experiences. So, I think if you don’t have a bucket list , you wont do them. Let’s try the beautiful duck and waffle with a syrup,  that’s interesting like a work thing.

Erlend Bakke here signing out, bye.