E-mail has become part of any communication today, sometimes replacing phone calls altogether. Admittedly, e-mail works perfectly in the business world because of its following advantages over phone calls:


  1. Messages can be sent anytime of the day whereas phones calls can only be made on certain times (when the recipient of the call is available due either to geographical reason or to the schedule constraints).
  2. Messages sent via e-mail can be read at your convenience. Phone calls have to be answered promptly.
  3. E-mail messages can serve as hard-copy documents/records whereas verbal phone conversations can be lost (unless recorded but who has the time to record every call received).
  4. It is more cost-effective to send e-mails (they can even be free).


However, in spite of the advantages of e-mails over phone calls, they have some downsides which can range from being
plain annoying to downright dangerous. Consider these problems:

  1. Being deluged by tons of unsolicited messages or spams that eat, not only space in the computer, but time as well. Picking out legitimate from unwanted messages is time-consuming. These can easily be avoided if the phone device has caller ID feature.
  2. If not careful or closely monitored, computers can be hacked which can destroy your unit or its systems, rendering them useless.
  3. Some spams are so deceivingly effective that may make their receiver s fall into dangerous cyber traps


With the above-mentioned disadvantages of using e-mails, entrepreneurs may opt to be on a 24/7 alert mode to safeguard their business which may be adversely affect their operation. However, they have the choice to opt for a more practical and cost-effective means—seek the services of an outsourcing company like MR. OUTSOURCE.



An outsourcing company like MR. OUTSOURCE may assign you, their client, a virtual assistant who can manage your e- mails to make them safe and at the same time be source of additional revenue for your business. A virtual assistant (VA) can do the following for your business at a fraction of expenses if you are to do the e-mail management yourself:


  1. A virtual assistant can monitor regularly and frequently all e-mail messages, both in-coming and out-going. Communication back-logs are greatly minimized or avoided.
  2. Spams and other unimportant messages can be analysed or filtered out.
  3. Legitimate messages can be classified as to their importance and for prioritization. Firewalls cannot do this effectively since they cannot analyse messages like humans do.
  4. E-mails deemed important and require urgent attention are acted upon promptly by the VA thus ensuring satisfaction by clients or enquirers. This may mean more business.
  5. Scams can be detected by vigilant virtual assistants.


E-mail management is an important aspect of effective communication and this is more evident in running a business. E-mails, when properly and safely managed, can help improve the operation.


To know more on how an outsource company provide effective e-mail management to your business, contact us: hello@mroutsource.com