“Shit happens!”… Well…indeed, if we let negativity dictates our future. The human race has been through a lot of terrible experiences, such as economic crisis, poverty, recession, genocide, war, famine, and all the hardships in life. However, amidst these adversities, there are people who had not just overcame difficulties, but succeeded and reached their goals.

Success begins with a dream and accomplished by unceasing resolve of achieving it. All of us have the potential to materialize our goals. We are not bounded by what other people thought about us. We are limitless and many great people have already proved it. Mahatma Gandhi says, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Hence, all we got to do is decide, choose, and make action. Otherwise, we would not be where we should be heading. We would not be where we should be happy and contended.

Thus, we need to pursue our dreams and race, keep moving until we achieve our goal. However, in the process of pursuing our aspirations, we should also consider other people. We have to keep a good balance; otherwise, we will fall and hurt ourselves. Although we can still go on and stand up, but we need to make sure that we can still keep up.