Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 1.09.38 AMScheduling meetings with clients or other companies is among the most formidable tasks in the business world.  So much money and otherwise more productive time are wasted just to contact participants and be assured of their availability.  At times, additional personnel need to be hired for this job alone.

Fortunately,   a free internet calendar tool for time management and coordinating meetings has been made available online —DOODLE, an application developed in Zurich, Switzerland in 2007.  It is now considered a leading online scheduling tool that virtually facilitates effortlessly the finding of the right date and time for a group of people to meet.  It also minimizes the excessive use of e-mails.


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Doodle coordinates   with other external calendaring systems, like the IBM Lotus Notes, to  poll users in determining the best time and date for participants to meet.

The salient points why Doodle makes an excellent tool for scheduling meetings are:

  • It simplifies the otherwise tedious process of setting up appointments.  It covers  group both event poll that does not need registration like dinners with friends, reunions, weekend trips, etc.  As well as professional booking service as in  board or team meetings.
    • Doodle is also available now in 25 languages and supports scheduling across time zones. The language is selected automatically according to the user’s personal browser settings.
    • Doodle is very convenient to use because it connects the user’s calendar directly to Doodle calendar so no switching between them is necessary.  It avoids conflicting bookings because it automatically syncs appointments to the user’s calendar.  With Doodle, inviting participants to meetings is fast and easy. It even tracks the replies to invitations sent, be them acceptance or declines.
    • Another convenient feature offered by Doodle is the “doodle- on- the- go” service.  It enables its subscribers on the go to use mobile device to respond to meeting polls, initiate polls, and see all mobiles at a glance.


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Doodle’s mobile web interfaces with all mobile phones with internet access and prevents unexpected calls at inconvenient times.

In short, Doodle polls friends on their availability and preferences for meetings and events. It also removes guesswork in gathering participants by creating a table of best times and choices (even for restaurants and movies).  It syncs with Outlook, Google Calendar, and is available as a Facebook application for convenience.

For more details about Doodle, please watch the video below:

Your first steps with Doodle from Doodle AG on Vimeo.