What made others get the chance of achieving their dreams? What made others reach the top and stay above others? What made others materialize their dreams? What made them who they are and what they have become?

When you ask successful people about these questions, you get different answers. Yet you also get a common denominator from all their replies – hard work. Indeed, ‘hard work’ as a word that is overrated. Not because it is the right term to say, but because it is a universal truth that we all have to undergo. Yet, most of us think of it as a term for all that things that we should do, but not as reality that we must all experience.

But how much hard work do we have to invest in order to achieve what we believe in? When in front of many challenges, we sometimes quit. Whenever we thought we have done so much, it is also the time that we should think that we should do more. For when we thought we already have achieved perfection, we realize that there never is perfection, but rather an unending process of achieving it. However, when we put ourselves on the line and never quit, we can be more than what we thought perfection is.