For an online entrepreneur like you, the work is never done. Once you win a client, the deal is far from over—it is just the beginning. A one-time transaction is not an accurate gauge of the success of your business but it could be the start, that is, IF you know how to sustain your clients’ interest.

Convincing your client to sign on the dotted line for the first time is not as challenging as making him to do so again, and again, and again. You have to win his trust in order to keep his loyalty to you.

To ensure the success of your business, you must have a good number of loyal clientele to maintain its growth. You must be able to convert your one-time customers into steady buyers. They can become your means to bring one referral after another, thus expanding your customer base a hundred fold fast.

How then will you turn your first-time recruits into loyal long-time customers? Here are some techniques you can apply to achieve this goal:


Promise Less but Deliver More

Pleasantly surprise your customers by giving them a little more than they expect to receive from you. This may come in form of earlier delivery than the time you promised; or a small gift like an inexpensive pen; or a more presentable packaging than just a plain brown paper or box. These may not cost you a dime but they can go a long way in strengthening your relations with them.

Offer Coupons through Social Media

Put up a fan page in your social media account such as Facebook or Twitter. By clicking the “like” button for your product or service, subscribers may receive a free eBook or a free membership to your website club. Your social media account may also be used to announce forthcoming promotions or inform them of a contest you will launch for your subscribers. These “opt-in” offers that are relevant to your subscribers’ needs can earn business for you and help keep their patronage.

Apply the Golden Rule This age-old saying never loses its power to win friends. To best guide you can follow to keep your customers satisfied is to treat them in the way you yourself would like to be treated if you were the in the receiving end of the deal with them. Be intuitive in resolving issues or problems that may come up. Value your customers’ welfare so that may in turn value yours.

Be Grateful

A short “thank you” note included in your receipt or delivery note will go a long way in enhancing your relationship with your customers. Thank them in every chance you get such as when they refer a new client, freely posted your blog on their site, or “liked” you on your website. The few minutes it takes for you to thank your customers may be just what it takes to retain their business.

Educate Your Customers

Write valuable contents in your website. Engage your customers with a content marketing technique by giving them practical information they need. Add a FAQ feature to your website to anticipate their questions or provide additional information to their enquiries. Offer free advice on how they can