Do you need Capital for your business?
On Saturday I celebrated my birthday (even though my birthday is actually today:) at Radio Bar in London. My first business partner and also the person that got me started in business was there and he was telling me all about how he has used Kickstarter to raise £ 27,000 pounds (that´s $42,000) in just a few days. His new project is really cool! It´s called Jackfish Survival. Click here to check out the project.

Crowdfunding is nothing new, but there are certain ways that work for raising a lot of money quickly. Would you be interested in a webinar on how to raise funds through crowdfunding?
If YES then please reply to this email and I will make it happen.I really like the Jackfish product and have backed the project!
To do the same click on the image above or simply here.

There are lots of different platforms you can use for crowdfunding:

To check out the top 10 based on traffic click here.

Whatever platform you choose remember to read the guidelines properly and make sure that your product or idea fits well with the platform.

I can also recommend watching a documentary called Capital C that gives you an introduction into the world of crowdfunding.

Here is a snapshot of my celebratory face on Saturday 🙂

On my birthday I always take the day off and spoil myself. I love birthdays! Other things I have done today: eat breakfast at my favorite restaurant with friends, workout session, massage, buying things I want, lunch at the East India Club and now it´s time for dinner with girlfriend. Amazing 🙂

With that i want to wish you a great day!