Remember me? It’s been a while since I’ve sent out one of my newsletters. A BIG thanks to everyone that has written me and asked;”Where is the newsletter Erlend?”. Thanks for the encouragement! I really appreciate those emails.
Did you know that I’ve sold 25,000 copies of my book and only received about 250 emails from readers? That means only about %0.01 of readers actually email the author of a book. My email is clearly stated in several parts of the book. Interesting right? Action takers get rewarded!

The title of this newsletter is called “Quality or Quantity” and rightly so. The last couple of weeks I have been going through my companies and focusing on increasing quality, not the quantity of activities. In my early years as an entrepreneur I was extremely focus on producing fast and being productive meant doing lots of things and being busy.
What works is producing VERY high quality content, products and services. One of the things we hear a lot about in information marketing is the need to post content regularly and share it on various websites/social media, but if the article sucks it doesn’t matter how much or where you share it! I´m moving towards high quality in all things and because I find that the most effective way to build my businesses going forwards.
The mindset shift occurred after my interview with Joe Pulizzi the founder of the Content Marketing Institute. He highlighted how important quality content is as well as the need to market your content in social media. It´s not enough to simply post it on your wall…

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Michael Hyatt Shares How He Grew His Blog To Over 350,000 Readers Per Month
Michael Hyatt
Please stay in the race. It´s the turtle that wins the race not the hare. Often times I speak to coaching clients and they are wanting to replace their salary in 3-6 months in a new business. This happens extremely rarely and why do you want to put all that pressure on yourself and stress about it. Instead plan to build a business over the next 5 years and plan for that instead.
The media tells us we can do it in 6 months (that includes information marketing gurus), but the reality is that a business takes time to build momentum, but once the ball starts rolling it will compound and increase rapidly. This often happens after about 4-5 years. How did Michael get 350,000 readers a month? Because he worked on it for MANY years!

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Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less by Joe Pulizzi
Learn and understand how successful companies like John Deer and Red Bull use content marketing and have been using content marketing since their early beginning to skyrocket sales!
P.s You don´t have to read a book from cover to cover…you can just read the chapters that you actually think will help you right now.
Pps. A friend of min asked me how do you have time to read so many books Erlend? I read about 10-40 pages a day and I read when I have the time. Ie. I read on the underground, on the beach, waiting for something/someone. Ask yourself, WHEN can I read, What CAN I do and can read a book a week also 🙂

Stats of the Day

Content Marketing Statistics

  • Only 27% of marketers track content metrics effectively.
  • More than half of all consumers are more likely to buy from companies that create custom content.
  • 80% of decision makers prefer content to advertising.
  • 61% of customers are more likely to buy from companies with custom content.
  • 50% of consumer time is spent engaging with custom content.
  • 91% of B2B companies use content marketing to find new customers, while only 36% use it to retain existing customers.
  • The top three objectives for investing in B2B content marketing are brand awareness, lead generation, and website traffic.
Must Have Software

Outbrain is an advertising platform whose content marketing module offers to help Internet publishers increase web traffic to their websites. It does so by presenting them with links to related and interesting articles and other trusted content.

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