Why choose a boring topic in the first place? The simple solution to this problem is: why write at all if you have nothing exciting to share? Well, if you are an independent freelancer, or you write for fun, or writing is just a hobby, that solution is OK (and you are lucky, indeed!).

However, if you write to earn a living and somebody dictates on you on what to write or when to write them, I empathize with you, we share the same plight because I am a paid writer, too.

There are many instances when we are “requested” to write on a subject which either we are hardly familiar with or we have no interest in. I used to labour over this situation until I came across an article that offers plausible suggestions on how to spice up my blogs. Let me share them with you.

There are actually no “boring” topics, only boring or uninspired way of treating them. To illustrate my point, let me give you an example about the subject of “coffee” which everyone already knows about so we think there is nothing to write about it anymore. Some deeper reading or research on the subject will reveal an almost unlimited trivia about coffee that will make it an interesting subject. Where did it originate? What makes it addictive? How many coffee drinkers worldwide are there and how to they affect global economy or ecology? etc. By writing on these possible topics about coffee, our topic will be interesting to the traders, researchers, ecologists, medical doctors,etc.

Explore the “what”, “where”, “how”, “why” of the topic and we will never run out of interesting things to write about on almost any subject.

Let us not ignore search forums, social networks, and any possible site where readers tend to hangout. They are our rich source of reference and inspirations for writing contents for our blogs. Let us take note of the comments and questions the readers post and based on their feedbacks and reactions, we can spice up our articles.

In reality, spicing up a boring blog is very simple. Although conducting research, using expensive infographics, or having the right links are very useful in creating compelling contents, —the core of fascination of an article comes from one basic content rule: Asking the right questions!

Curiosity is an intrinsic quality of everyone and banking on this human weakness is a sure fire of arousing the interest of our readers.



Compare the following titles:


Writing Interesting Blogs



How to Write Interesting Blogs?

What Makes a Blog Interesting?

What Is the Secret of Interesting Blogs?


Guided by these tips, we can always spice up our otherwise dull blogs . Remember: There are no boring topics, only boring content creators! Are we one of them?

If you can’t write interesting topics for a blog, let someone do it for you. Outsource blogging! 🙂