There are websites like,,, etc. that offer several opportunities for virtual projects/work online for freelance writers who want to work online or want to get some jobs done from other people, you will find on these websites. These workers are ready to take up any of the jobs that are to give them and there are individuals who are ready to make work available for those who want to work online. All the jobseekers need to do is to register on any of these sites and soon, they will be making money online.



All these websites have similar procedures in offering their services. They post jobs, search for freelance Professionals, and solicit proposals. They can evaluate the contractors applying for the job by reviewing qualifications, work history, ratings, portfolios, and skill test scores. Once a contractor is selected, the project communications and files are negotiated. The contractor (website owner or operator) is paid by the clients by deductions of percentage of the latter’s fees as their “commissions” .


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Timesheets are generated for hourly-rate jobs, thus providing official record of completed work. On the other hand, Statement of work are prepared for hourly-rate jobs to monitor progress of the work toward completion.


To ensure payments are settled promptly, these website companies utilize escrews where the agreed upon funds for the projects are temporarily withheld to be released on completion of the job. Once the workers finish the job, the money in escrow is released into the account of the workers.


However, despite the similarities of these websites offering virtual employments online, there are some differences on how they operate which possible clients should be aware of. While some of them are able to offer you excellent services, there are some other ones that may not be able to live up to their claims.


Comparison among is a global online employment platform that offers virtual work ranging from website coding to graphics, to copywriting, proofreading and translating – basically anything that can be done on a computer. Businesses can use website to post jobs, search for freelance Professionals, and solicit proposals. They can evaluate the contractors applying for the job by reviewing qualifications, work history, ratings, portfolios, and skill test scores.


On the other hand, was formerly called before it finally changed its name to the present It, too, offers several freelance services ranging from article writing, website designing and to all sorts of programming services. They even get graphic design jobs and data entry jobs. It is a site that provides links between those who are looking for jobs with those willing to offer jobs online.


The name oDesk is short for “online desk” to refer to the company’s aim of enabling anyone to work anywhere, anytime. Clients can post jobs for free, and freelance workers (“contractors”) may create their own profiles and bid on jobs free of charge. The expertise supported by includes web development, programming/software development skills, graphic design, writing and administrative support. It also provides voluntary skills tests from English aptitude to specific programming skills. profiles include a feedback mechanism.


The registration procedures on either or are fairly easy. Clients are just required to supply simple info to open their accounts. Opening an account with is free and it can be done anytime. allows freedom to set up an account while offers the option of either setting up a standard account which is free or a premium account which may cost money. However, this has affects adversely the number of potential job seeker using since most opt to free accounts offers since they suspect those under free accounts of do not usually get any work. on the other hand charges 10% but does not charge a membership fee. and have both limited number of jobs allowed for their clients to bid for. lets the grace to bid for up to sixty different jobs per month after which, clients could not bid for any other job until the following month. gives access to only 10 points each month but each type of job has different points attached to it. It is possible then that there are only bids for 4 jobs with 10 points since each job carries about 3 points. It is rather more difficult to get jobs on than on since the former seldom welcomes new writers. Real experience is required by to show with your bid.


Freelancer. com , however, gives the same opportunity to new writers. There may even be employers on that do not even require submission of samples as requirement for jobs.


On, the jobs done are generally cheap. They have employers willing only to pay $1 for 500 words article on writers. On the contrary, with, a-500 word article can demand as much as $8-$10, depending on the writers’ expertise.


When a contractor quotes an hourly rate or a fixed price to a client, automatically includes a service fee of between 6.75% and 8.75%. After it bills the client and receives payment for the work, the fee is deducted and the balance is transferred to the contractor’s account.


This difference in pay policy causes to be accused of offering cheap jobs to freelancers and lowering the job’s merit, but has not been reason enough to avoid Whether jobseekers take it or not depends on them. makes money by charging membership fees and/or take a cut of the payment. These cuts can range from 4% to 15. charges each worker only 5% of the total value of the winning bid. It takes fees from the winning bid. sets a predetermined amount on fees before the deal is finalized. It charges above the price quoted by the freelancer


Note that both and remove the charges are removed from the balance as soon as the bids are won and immediately release the balance to workers. lets clients to create online workteams coordinated and paid through the company’s proprietary software and website. The company collects 10 % of the payment. handles payments themselves and all bookkeeping tasks for the transaction. It also uses collaborative software, “oDesk Team,” that allows clients to see a provider’s progress while he or she is billing time.


However, several complaints have been levelled to all (,, and mostly on their failure to live up to their promised compensations. Some accused these sites from fraudulent actions to slapping of concocted deductions from agreed fees to very delayed or even non- payment of compensations.