There are many benefits of outsourcing that has attracted many companies to take the leap and delegate some of its business functions offshore. Basically, it is because of lower labor costs and more efficient services. Knowing all the benefits of outsourcing and having decided to do it, your next question would naturally involve your outsourcing location. There are a number of countries to choose from but knowing the best location could give you an edge over your competition.

Choosing the right country would also depend on the kind of services and function you want to delegate. Knowing the country’s culture and the skills of its workers are also important factors before choosing the right location.




The Philippines is known to be the top outsourcing location chosen by the most number of companies. It has a high literacy rate with its culture being the closest to that of a Western Country. They use the English language as their primary medium for teaching and doing official functions accounting for the people’s high proficiency in the said language. Both their written and oral English language skills are competent if not excellent. Their ability to speak and write in English in a much better level than other potential outsourcing locations gives them a distinct advantage over their competitors. The Philippines falls under third-world countries so even if labor costs is relatively cheaper compared to American standards employees still enjoy better compensation when given above minimum salaries.

For many years, the country’s workforce has excelled in call centre services as well as jobs in the non-voice sector. These may include but not limited to online writing, programming, Internet marketing and of course, virtual assistant jobs as well as many other outsourcing jobs to the Philippines that include careers in the IT business regarding web design and software development, back-office firms dealing with accounting and human resources.



India has also made a name in the outsourcing business. The jobs usually outsourced in India include those coming from the telecom and high-tech sectors, IT, financial services and manufacturing. A large portion of India’s population is employed in the BPO sector. Also labor cost is relatively low there.



China’s popularity in the outsourcing business is also gaining momentum with its IT sector on the rise. Although not as proficient in English as other countries like the Philippines, you can hire Chinese workers who are multi-lingual as regards Asian languages. Similar with the two preceding countries mentioned, you can also benefit from its low labor cost.


As you can see from the top outsourcing options above, the most practical location to outsource today is in the Philippines mainly because of three factors:

1. Excellent English

2. High Reliability and trustworthiness due to their culture

3. Most Filipinos love the West and they would be proud to be working for you


Liberate your business today; get a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines working for you and see the big difference in your production next month.