Hi Erlend bake here founder of Yes your right mroutsource.com

Today I’m in Boston actually at the College Club of Boston which is the oldest member’s club for women in United States of America. It’s actually Literary Club sometimes this tongue twister is really difficult but anyway it is a place that I want to go and it is on my bucket list because this place has been frequented by famous literatures like Mark Twain I’m a big fan of Mark Twain and myself being an author it just feels really cool spending a couple of days in every old colonial then breakfast which is today we are staying in this massive big room and maybe Mark Twain stayed here who knows.

Anyway another thing that has been in my bucket list was to get my book out as many people as possible. Last week it reach number 1 in Amazon under non-fiction is the business category. Actually I did that in 3 country and now an International bestselling author in the book Never Work Again and just feel special to be here in this place for so many things for I was and been and I have been able to reach more than 10,000 people with my book. I just feel special to be here so….

Erlend Bakke here founder of mroutsource.com crossing off another things in my bucket list which is staying at the college club of Boston at Boston Massachusetts United states of America, this is also , theres so many historical things here I just forward to share few little with you the next is actually the freedom trail. So thank you for watching this video I’m gonna go down and have some colonial breakfast now.

Tah! Tah!