One of the most effective ways of marketing statregy is by disseminating information for various reasons through video tutorials and presentations. This is made easier with the use of the software called Camtasia by TechSmith, its publisher.


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Camtasia  is a software application is used for creating video tutorials and presentations utilizing screencast technology,

a digital recording of computer screen output, better known as a video screen capture which contains audio narration.

The exact screen area to be captured can be specified, and audio may be recorded simultaneously or added separately from any standard input source.

In the field of education, educators may customize the use Camtasia to integrate technology into the curriculum. It is the perfect means to easily create videos that motivate students, inform parents, and enhance learning. Camtasia screen recording software is very easy to use. Simply record the live presentations or lectures which students can be customized for every lesson. This helps them learn at their own pace or catch up from an absence.


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Seminar organizers can benefit with Camtasia if they opt to record complete seminars and make these recorded media available to all attendees for their future reference. These recorded seminars can also be sold to those who cannot afford or do not have the time to attend the live seminars which may mean additional revenue to seminar organizers.

Camtasia meets the requirement of computer-related seminars for high quality and easily readable recordings of screen contents not achieved by a video camera that records the desktop.


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With Camtasia screen recording and video editing software, interactive training and support videos can easily be created   which viewers can watch on almost any device. Screencasts are quick, easy, and inexpensive to create and reproduce.

In your business, especially in sales and marketing, customers can easily be won over with high quality videos which can easily be created with Camtasia.  With no formal training, the following marketing tips can be accomplished:

  • Create a video pitch: demonstrate software and other products and services to new and potential customers
  • Produce educational content for inbound marketing
  • Record and share sales presentations
  • Make customized video reports and presentations for clients
  • Implementing internal training videos into your hiring process

In short, Camtasia is a powerful but easily implementable marketing tool to any business, especially if disseminating information is an important part of your business.