SCENARIO: You have just come up with a new, bright idea for a business! You can’t wait to present it to a group of potential investors and clients,


PROBLEM 1: You have to impress and grab the attention of your very busy would-be investors or prospective customers.

PROBLEM 2: You have to present the whole idea clearly, including important details, with the least available time—preferably in one sitting.


A formidable task, indeed, and you are at a lost on how to proceed! Worse still— business presentation is not your forte. So you feel like throwing the towel and forget the whole project?


Hold it — because Spark59, Inc. has come up with LEAN CANVASS – Your Startup Blueprint, a unique program that solves ALL your presentation problems, impressively and effectively in no time at all!



  • LEAN CANVASS is so portable that it enables you to present your whole business idea on just a one-page presentation. This means more people can read it and can be quickly modified as needed.
  • LEAN CANVASS is a marvellous timesaver! It makes it possible for you to draw up one or several business plans in less than a day, a task that normally takes you several weeks to accomplish.
  • LEAN CANVASS grabs the attention of your prospective investors or customers on the entire concept you wish to convey in less than one minute. This is made possible by the clear manner your presentation is laid out to them by the program.
  • LEAN CANVASS effectively documents and communicates any updates or modifications to your investors or clients in the shortest possible time.



Note: LEAN CANVASS adapted from The Business Model Canvas. To learn more, please click here.