Erlend Bakke Author of the 1# Amazon International Bestseller ‘Never Work Again

Hi Erlend Bakke here founder of and author of International Best Seller “Never Work Again”.

Today I am actually in a Kayak here in the Oslo Fjord and behind me you can see the beautiful, beautiful Oslo Fjord this is one thing on my bucket list I’ve been on this Fjord many, many times before but I’ve never been actually Kayaking on it. Behind here in front of my left a place called Shaw Holman and his got a place where he has a couple of Kayaks, he just goes out in Kayak’s around in beautiful Oslo Fjord.

Here’s a little bit more of a beautiful Oslo and the Island behind here is called Hovedøya which means the main Island so when you’re in Oslo, try to get Kayak, Kayak into the Fjord cause it’s a beautiful thing to do specially during summer. We just had some Shrimp Sandwiches over there of course as a proper Norwegian. Alright!

Erlend Bakke here signing off another thing on my bucket list which is Kayaking around in Oslo Fjord. Thank you and Bye-bye!