Hi Erlend Bakke here, founder of Mr Outsource.com.

Behind there is Acropolis. Im coming to you from Athens in Greece. It’s a beautiful city.
And today, I want to talk about Freedom. Freedom was why I started my own business. I wanted financial freedom. I wanted freedom to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, from wherever I wanted.

Now that I have that, I’ve discovered that freedom is more than I thought it was. There is another layer. There are basically 5 levels of freedom. There is political freedom, financial freedom, social freedom, freedom of mind, and there’s a fifth level, Towel.

And I don’t know the fourth and fifth level Im still working on. And you know, Im learning about it. But to be able to have time to learn about it, I had to automate and outsource much of my business. You know, how to delegate to other people that I trusted. And now I have the ability to travel and manage my company from my laptop.

Now this is what I teach to entrepreneurs. I teach entrepreneurs how to free themselves from their business and we primarily do that through helping people systemize their business at lower costs and employ employees in the Philippines that can run many of the tasks that you can’t do today.

So we can either find the perfect employee for you in the Philippines or we can employ a Filipino that works in our company in Davao City.

Okay, if you want more freedom in your life and from your business, and if you want to escape or maybe your business is like a prison for you, you can email me at erlend@mroutsource.com or you can go to our website and we’ll find solutions for you by contacting us there.

Thank you for watching this video. Im signing out here from Athens in Greece. Bye!