Hi, Erlend Bakke here, founder of Mroutsource.com coming to you from Munich. Hofler house is one of the most popular tent on the Octoberfest. It’s not Octoberfest now but going here is quite an experience. And I was sitting in here I was thinking about Time.

Time is the only comodity that everybody has the same of whether you’re the richest person on earth or you’re one of the poorest person on earth. You have more or less the same amount of time. So don’t waste your time. If you wanna do something, then go out and do it, you know. Like get going on it. And all the limiting beliefs that you have about why you can’t and shouldn’t do it, they are actually holding you back. Just let go and go do it.

Part of that doing what you want to do, when you wanna do it, wherever you wanna do it, is delegating. So building systems and delegating the system to somebody else so you can have the freedom to do what you love. Because freedom means going to do what you love.

So live a life full of meaning and purpose by doing what you’re meant to do, by doing what you love.

That is the best gift you can give to the world.

Thank you and bye!