Hi! Erlend Bakke here, founder of Mroutsource.com. Today, Im coming to you in lovely Devon. Just out here walking today, enjoying nature and life.

When I first living the 4 hour work week, I went to these great destinations and I would sit and enjoy the view and have all these experiences and of course I have these experiences with other people that I got to know of in my trips but, there is something missing.

And it’s actually so important that you have time to experience this with your friends and family so today, Im actually walking with girlfriend and my parents and we took a weekend away. And we’re just loving life and enjoying each other’s company.

So this actually goes back to a lot of entrepreneurial thinking. I actually learned this from Mark Anastasi in his book Laptop Millionaire, where he talks about how “ME” thinking, egoistic thinking is the mindset of the employee and “WE” thinking is the mindset of entrepreneurs. 

So just go back to the 4 hour work week freedom aspect of life. Having time for yourself is important but you wanna celebrate and experience with the people you love. So gain your freedom so you can bring your family and friends travelling with you because the memories and experiences are so much better when you spend them with other people.

Just a little learning experience there from living the 4 hour work week. It doesn’t mean I didn’t love my time as they vagabonding soul entrepreneur but if you want real happiness in your experiences, do them with the people you love. And also in your business, think about how you can add massive value to other people, add massive value to the world.

Think WE instead of Me.

Erlend Bakke here, founder of Mroutsource.com, today coming to you from lovely Devon.