Erlend Bakke Author of the 1# Amazon International Bestseller ‘Never Work Again

Hi Erlend Bakke here founder of and author of International Best Seller “Never Work Again”.
Today I’m at Café Pushkin in Moscow and the interesting thing about Café Pushkin is they actually got opened in 1999 on the Tverskoy Boulevard in Moscow and it was a famous French composer that made a song. The composer is called Gilbert Becaud and he wrote a song called “Café Pushkin”

and it is 40 years ago in that he wrote that song and it goes you know “ I wish we were at the Café Pushkin having hot chocolate in the snow. It is actually interesting because a lot of Tourists were looking for Café Pushkin in Moscow but they couldn’t find it because of the song. So in 1999 it’s finally open here and it’s a beautiful place just look around.
A bit of the blooper aired of the first recording the song is called “Nathalie” not Café Pushkin Opss!