This video features a successful entrepreneur, adventurer, and four-time world record holder, Greg Kolodziejzyk.

He says it takes a truly inspired idea to create your own success – the perspiration stuff happens on its own if you have a vision of success. He talks about one of his after-dark experiences, wherein he stepped out the cold and freezing deck of a ferry he was on. He looked down at the dark, turbulent ocean below him and saw how it was a nightmare down there and he though: “What the hell am I doing here? Do I really want to cross an entire ocean in a boat the size of a phone booth?”

His goal was to head directly west, as far out into the open Pacific as he could go before turning around and heading back in. After the first hour, he was into five-foot seas, but he bravely fought on.

Using guts, determination, and a vision, Greg accomplished his goal and succeeded. You too, can do it – just believe in yourself and set your goals right.