In this video, Bob Urichuck, an international professional speaker, trainer, and author, talks about how to understand success and motivation. He is the author of the books Discipline for Life, Up Your Bottom Line, and contributing author to Sales Guru Speak Out. He has also been ranked top 7 in the world’s top 30 sales gurus.

He asks you: “Do you know what the true definition of success is?” He adds, “Do you understand motivation, and the difference between temporary and lasting motivation?”

Over the next few minutes, he shares to you the definition of success and motivation with you and tries to help you understand why most of society is going down the wrong track. He wants you to be successful and motivated for life.

He defines success as the progressive realization of a worthy goal. Based on that definition, he says that you have been successful because somewhere along the line, you had a goal, you worked towards that goal, and you accomplished it.

The hey, therefore, is to be consistent with this principle throughout the rest of your life so you’d be more successful.