You may have been churning out lots of blogs with interesting contents in your site but you do not get the reactions you expect from them. You get no reader engagements, very little conversions (if any), and no significant number of visitors to your site.

Of course, besides content, some other factors may be involved for the unsatisfactory results of your blogging like poor SEO, poor design, or lack of promotions. But after attending to these possible problems you still get dismal results, you must dig deeper into the situation.

Review your blogs. Re-read them a few times more and you may notice what is missing in them. Yes, they are very impersonal — almost generic in your approach. May be, they lack “YOU”, the real, flesh-and-blood author.

If this is so, then it is small wonder that you get poor results. Although this may not be THE only factor that causes poor results for your blog, this is one of the most vital factors. Unfortunately, many bloggers make this mistake of ignoring this important ingredient in writing.

Among the reasons that contribute to this situation is the presence of too many guest posts in your site. Letting guest postings is not bad but too much of them will eventually make you lose your voice. Remember that your blog represents YOU and YOUR business, YOUR product, and YOUR services. By allowing “other” voices to dominate your site, you lost totally the point of putting up YOUR site. This results in your readers forgetting you completely because you let others take up the spaces which are supposed to be yours.

Keep a high profile in your blog. Do not hide from your readers. Make them feel that they are in your web site. Show them your real face by posting your best profile photo in your website. Tell them a bit of details about you — your expertise in your field, your professional credentials. Emphasize your sincere aim to help them with your services or products. Add an About page in your site so your readers will know how to contact you for their queries.

The information about YOU will make your readers feel at home when visiting you site. They will not feel alienated nor think of leaving soon.

One last thing to remember when writing a blog: Do not be a copy cat. It is not bad to read other blogs for additional ideas or when doing some research work but do not write in someone else’s tone or voice. The blog you write should reflect the real you.