Congratulations! Now you have come out with own your website. Its lay-out is just as you want it to be and all the technical features are already built-in for easy browsing. You can picture now the heavy traffic leading to your site and hopefully, the business it will bring in. However, you notice that a few weeks had past but only few visitors trickle in to your perfectly designed website. So you start wondering what it is you missed.

There may be other reasons for this disappointing outcome but have you considered the content of your site? This is a very important feature of a good website—perhaps more important than the physical features of a site.

The content of your site should catch the interest of your visitors by just reading the title. It should arouse their curiosity to read further.



However, after getting their attention with your title, the actual content of your article should not disappoint them or they will just switch you off and move to another site. Making them come is one thing, keeping them in is another (and more difficult to do). In order to hold their interest, you must come up with quality blogs.

This is where most bloggers fail, especially those whose primary purpose is to sell products or services. Do not proceed straightaway to selling your wares because this will turn your readers off. Worse still if your blog talks nothing but your business.


The best thing to do is to talk around your product. Discuss first about its benefits and point out how it can help solve their problems. Then, you can slowly centre your blog on your product. There are basically two kinds of blogs based on their contents: (1) The Informative blog and (2) The Entertainment blog.

• The Informative blogs may deal with “how-to’s” where instructions on how to do things are discussed. This is popular among students, researchers, content writers, educators, housewives (on culinary and first-aid topics), and anyone seeking extra knowledge. This kind of blog also tries to find solutions for the problems of visitors. It is a good idea to include, not only the “what”, but also discuss about the “where” and “how” in your solutions.

• The entertainment blogs are created, well—to entertain, so they are more about celebrities, latest cyber games, updates on current movies and music, etc. These blogs cater mostly to youngsters. However, even serious blogs can be sprinkled with humour to spice them up so you solve your readers’ problems and entertain them as well.

Topics to Discuss The best topics for you to blog about are about things you know and you are passionate about. The knowledge will give you the confidence and the credibility to talk about the subject. Your passion will give spirit and instil the enthusiasm into your blog. This passion can be sensed and be transmitted to your readers which can move them to action.