As a blogger, have you ever had those days when your brain is like a dried-up raisin and no ideas can be squeezed from it? Or sitting in front of your computer with a blank look on your face and not knowing what to ? Well, I have and believe me, it is NOT the best situation to be in!

Of course, regardless of how you feel, you have to work so here are some tips which, I hope, will see you through during those arid spells in your writing career:


Stay Focused Know exactly what it is you want to share with others. Perhaps an unforgettable experience; a hobby you derive so much joy from; a skill you want to teach others; an idea you are passionate about—the list is endless once you start thinking of them. Then, ask yourself WHY you want to share the topic you have chosen to blog about. Is it to amuse, to teach, to move people into action, etc? Once you know your purpose for sharing your topic, ideas will start pouring in.


Avoid Time Wasters Save a lot of time by getting rid of the many distractions while working on your blog. Set your cell phone to silent mode, switch the TV off, close your Twitter and Facebook, and do not give in to the temptation to check your email every ten minutes. Better still, disable your Internet and set a timer when to turn it back on. Avoid also catching up with other blogs. You do not have to follow so many other blogs hoping that some of them will return the favour and visit you. Keep the handful you really enjoy and employ less time-consuming strategies to increase your reader base.


Be Organized At times, it is those little things that waste your time or make you lose focus on the task at hand. Get rid of them for a time. Mute your phone, and work offline to avoid temptations to visit your social media sites. Keep your files organized and easily accessible so as not to waste time searching for them. Oftentimes, searching takes away the focus from your work and make you lose momentum in continuing your job.


Keep a Daily Plan To sit in front of your computer each day with your fingers resting on the keyboard and not knowing what to write is the worst feeling for a writer. It is not easy to come up with blog ideas right off the top of your head every day of the week. But you can avoid this from happening to you if you prepare a list of topics you will write for the week or a month in advance. If you think of new idea to blog, write it down immediately so as not to forget it. You may always modify your list to include these new ideas. Having a list of topics to blog at hand will stop you from groping for ideas to write every time you sit before your computer.


Follow Your Biological Clock Each one of us has his own natural biological clock or circadian rhythm. We are programmed to perform things depending on our level of energy at certain times of the day. Study your own biological rhythm and adapt to it. You may be more productive in the morning so do your writing then. If you are a night owl person and can concentrate more in the evening, then work at night. Schedule your working time at your most energetic or productive hours, whenever that will be.


Give Yourself a Break You may get very engrossed with your writing, but make sure to take occasional breaks. Getting up from your chair every hour for a 15-minute stretching will pay off in terms of a refreshed body and clearer mind. Also, working 7 days a week may not be an ideal set up. Try to work more effectively (less work but more accomplishment) more than just efficiently. Schedule a day each week and a few days off every six months to refresh both body and soul. These rest periods can do you wonders because when you come back, you will be refreshed, recharged, and ready to churn out great materials for your blogs.


It is a common and natural thing to run out of ideas and time, but effective planning, elimination of distractions, and keeping focused can minimize this situation. Working on these may need your conscious effort, but the effort will be worth the difference in your productivity over the months to come.