Usually, we become what people think about us. We act the way we think what we could do. Thoughts of other people become our standard. It becomes our limitation. Just because others say we cannot do anything, we do not do anything. Just because your friends tell you they are smarter than you, you do not dream bigger than them.

Other people are better than us, not because they are smarter or greater, but because we think we are not good enough. Some successful people did not go through college to achieve the place where they are standing right now. Some people become popular, not because they look good or possess great talent.

We become who we thought we are. If we believe we cannot do what others can, then we definitely won’t. Eventually, we gain nothing and we get nothing. If we do not know what should to do to achieve success, we must think there must be something that we are good at and become the best that we can be at that something. All we got to do is find it. Search for it and in the process we learn we can become greater than what others are yelling at us. Later on we realize that we can be better and become the best and prove other people false.