When Ivan says, “successful people do not have time” he meant that great people of our time brush-off negativity in their consciousness to get to where they are now. He gives examples like Michael Jordan – whom in his high school years did not make huge accomplishments with his basketball team. But, if Michael pinned his ears back to negative comments that was been given to him, he would not be ‘Air Jordan’ or won Gold medals in the Olympics and so many championships.

Ivan also mentions Colonel Sanders, the owner of Kentucky Fried Chicken as we call it today. Ivan says, he was moved by Sanders belief in his product. Sanders heard thousand consecutive “1,000 No’s” in a row, but he still did not give up. Thus, to take the road of success simply means cutting through the negativity and the people complaining against you by accepting the challenge and willingness to pay the price.

The mentality of a person of success is to move forward even if it means going alone. If you want to achieve something, you got to believe in yourself and find the motivation in yourself. Remove anything that blinds your way towards success, even your own negative self-thought like your questions and doubts. Make up your mind and do it – then you can win.

So, how does the turtle won against the hare again? Although slow, but with consecutive movement to the finish line; it does not matter how you cross it, it just matters that you cross it and take responsibility.

In the end, it is all up to me and you. Learn from the people that are ahead of us and make it. You got to do today what other people don’t so you can do tomorrow what other people can’t.