Yes, you read the title cor1rectly and yes, it can be done.

Most people have the notion that being super busy, jumping from one task to another throughout the day is the only means to be productive. Actually, being in that constant mode of perpetual motion produces the nemesis of productivity — burnout, physically and mentally.

Filling your waking hours with activities, or even your sleeping periods dreaming of your work, stresses your mind and body. A stressed mind and tensioned body can never be productive, not for long. When something you do gives you so much discomfort, you begin to hate it and eventually abandon it altogether. If what you have to do happen to cause you the discomfort, you are in big trouble.

Before you reach this stressed stage in your career, it is best for you to chill out for a while and give your mind and body the time to recuperate and be re-energized.  Start learning and practicing meditation.

Meditation is the state of your mind where you think of nothing while sitting comfortably on the floor or lying in a couch. It provides clarity in thoughts that result in a stress-free and blissful life. Contrary to common notions that surround this practice, meditation is not as mysterious and as complicated as people imagine it to be.

Meditation is a simple but effective method that helps in improving productivity. Eliminating stress, your mind becomes relaxed and enables it to work more effectively. Here are the some of the benefits that meditation brings:

  • It improves focus and memory.
  • It is a powerful tool to enhance energy.
  • It improves blood circulation the in the brain.
  • It slows down aging.
  • It is a safe and a much better stress reliever compared to drug medications
  • It enhances creativity by promoting mental clarity.

2The basic idea of meditation is very simple — simply focus on your breathing.

  1. Sit straight on the floor or on a couch. You need not cross your legs if this position causes you any discomfort.  Make sure your spine is in a straight position. Imagining your body is hanging on a string from the ceiling will give you an idea how to assume this position.
  2. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing in and breathing out.  For first-timers, it may not be so easy to close your eyes and meditate right away, but just keep on trying. You can master the technique by regular practice. A 20-minute session everyday is recommended.
  3. As you meditate, you will experience extraordinary peace. Your breathing process must be effortless and natural so do not pressure yourself. Keep your mind cool and breathe calmly
  4. If you lose your concentration and your thoughts begin to wander, just re-focus on your breathing until the meditation is over. Others use a mantra to help the stay focused. A mantra is a word or phrase that you keep repeating to lull you in calm and serene mood. Remember, meditation is all about focus, concentration, and attention.

For those new to meditation, you may avail of the online guided meditations or buy an audio on meditation. Soothing background music is also provided to induce you to concentrate.

There are various techniques of meditation depending on what you aim to achieve such as peace of mind, de-stressing, better health, etc. Sessions combining pranayama and meditation are excellent techniques to attain health and peace of mind.

What is remarkable about meditation is that a few minutes practicing it, even for only 5 minutes, is sufficient time to improve the rest of your day. Science has proven the many benefits the practice can bring to the mind.

Meditation, indeed, is the most effective way to be doing nothing and yet doing so much to improve your productivity.