1Is it possible that you are succeeding and not be aware of it? Yes, this can happen especially if you are too engrossed in working towards your goals that you have reached the “finish” line without realizing it. Is this good or bad?  Well, it is good because you have attained your target, but it is bad that you have not realized so; hence you do not appreciate nor enjoy your success. You may even feel frustrated and give up, thinking you are not doing any progress at all despite your efforts.

It is important that you are aware you are doing, or have done well, because it reinforces your confidence to do better and achieve more. Here are some tell-tales signs of the “good news” in your life you may be missing:

  • You have raised your standard. You may not be conscious that what used to satisfy you before has somehow lost its thrill now. You feel unfulfilled and want to get or attain more.

  • You afford to be choosy. Whereas you hesitate to demand before because you felt that what you were getting was what you only deserved, now you can turn down things if they do not seem commensurate to your effort.
  • You have developed a matured outlook. You feel more confident to ask for help and advice. Before, you felt these were signs of weakness that should be kept secret. However, you have become assured of your own competence. You realize now that there is no harm in asking for assistance and this is not a display of weakness but of confidence.
  • You have developed a support system. You might have found it difficult to get help from others before. Now, people have sensed your capabilities and feel confident working with you.
  • 1You mannerisms, speech, and physical look improved. Unconsciously, you lose your slouch and your steps become long strides. You start to look people in the eyes when speaking to them and you have overcome your tendency to be evasive when in a crowd. You stopped starting your every sentence with “no”. You now enjoy what you see in the mirror every morning. You may not be aware how your success has affected you psychologically. You notice a certain glow that was not there before.
  • You seldom complain. You feel satisfied in almost everything around you that give you fewer reasons to complain. Actually, what you see wrong in others are reflections of what you see in you. Since you are now satisfied within, this satisfaction affects your perception of things around you.
  • You rejoice in the success of others. Envy caused by insecurity before is now a part of your past life. You now genuinely rejoice in the success of others.  Now, you empathize with their feeling of accomplishment.
  • You are free of the “victim” feeling. Your feeling of inadequacy before due to lack of accomplishments had made you feel a victim of circumstances. You felt things were beyond your control. However, your slow attainments have freed you of this limiting mindset. You now feel that you are able to get things done and improve yourself on your own.
  • Your fear of adversity is gone. If difficulties used to make your head spin in panic, you now see them for what they really are—mere temporary setbacks. Instead of running away from them, you now regard them as sources of mental and emotional strengthen to meet further problems in your journey to success.
  • 1Changes do not bother you anymore. Whereas minor deviations from what you were used to triggered anxiety before, you now accept them as opportunities for improvement. You are now confident enough to venture out of your comfort zone. Your achievements, though minor, have reinforced your belief in your own capability.
  • You have developed clear thinking. You find yourself able to think your way out of troubles quicker. Experiences have thought you how to sense and predict problems so you formulate appropriate solutions even before they happen.
  • You have developed more passions to pursue. If your life seemed dull and stagnant before, it now feels vibrant. More ideas to look forward to and to pursue come more often. This is the result of having unconsciously attained your original goals and now you find the time and energy to look for more.
  • You feel liberated. You are not concerned anymore what others think of you. You have ceased to be a puppet that is controlled and manipulated by the opinions and expectations of others. You have realized that you yourself control your life and its outcome.
  • Life seems brighter. Your general outlook has changed with your mindset. You quit being judgemental. You are able to see beyond negative situations and always look for the “silver lining” when everyone else predicts bleak scenario. You notice more people seek and value your advice.

Maybe you do not drive yet that Ferrari you dream of or live in an exclusive village so you miss the feeling of “having arrived”. However, notice and appreciate these signs of success in your day-to-day life. Look often at how far you have come instead of how far you still have to go.  This will make you notice that you have been doing well or have done well so far. This awareness will help boost your motivation to succeed further!