Software plays an important role in developing more effective automated data acquisition and control systems. They provide complete, integrated, and open automation software for facility management systems, providing excellent capabilities to communicate with other devices, such as data acquisition, testing and measurement, and control applications. Automation software development tools help users build facility management system easily.


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Besides offering task recording and re-play capabilities, an Automation Software provides automation wizards and commands. With these programs, an IT or business task can be recorded. It can be used also the to edit  task or add new actions to the task by using variables or prompt user for values or even write an automation script from scratch using GUI automation command wizards.

An Automation Software, to be effective, should provide task recorder capabilities to enable the recording and editing script, thus eliminating the writing of an automation script from scratch. It should offer some automation commands that help create an automated task manual. It should provide easy editing facilities that avoid hundreds of steps to create a simple script.

NOTE: Unless the objective of using an automation software is to automate very complex tasks, opt for software with less (about 20 at most) commands.


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There are various categories of Automation Software.  They include programs that allow users to create system processes, or macros, that can automatically complete tasks or jobs on their computers. Programs may monitor existing computer processes, maximize power usage, manage data from multiple sources, schedule reminders, convert file batches, or enable other forms of automation.

Among these software are:

Application software, also known as application, or app causes a computer to perform tasks beyond the running of the computer itself. It applies the power of a particular computing platform or system software to a particular purpose.

System software which manages and integrates a computer’s capabilities but does not directly perform tasks that benefit the user.  The system software serves the application which in turn serves the user. Examples of these system software are enterprise software, accounting software, office suites, graphic software, and media players. Many application programs deal principally with documents.

There are applications that are available in versions for several different platforms; some have more specific requirements and may be called Geography application for Windows or an Android application for education.

In today’s ever expanding operating procedures in running a business, turning to various automation software is the best solution in simplifying operation tasks.  They not only save time but are cost-efficient as well.