SAVE TIME—STOP TYPING & START TALKIN. LET YOUR OWN VIRTUAL ASSISTANT FREE UP YOUR TIME! That’s the moving mantra of COPYTALK and they live up to it to the satisfaction of their clients.


Consider this fact: The typing speed of an average computer user is 33 words per minute, 19 words per minute for composition tasks. The average person, on the other hand, speaks at a rate of 200 words per minute for standard conversation (although trained dictators can speak significantly faster). If the average person dictates information instead of composing it themselves, production is nearly ten times faster than preparing the documents on your own.


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With this in mind, great efficiency gains can be made by using dictation rather than hand writing or typing of your notes. Copytalk’s Mobile Scribe service makes documenting all your important information faster and easier. Simply pick up your phone, dial Copytalk, and dictate the details of your meeting, your to do list, reminders, drafts of email, or any other information you want to capture. You can also take advantage of our mobile application for the same at-your-fingertips dictation on your smartphone or other mobile devices. Within a few hours, your transcribed text is delivered to you via email, secure download, or through automatic integration into many popular CRMs.

Put simply, this is how COPYTALK works:

• Call Copytalk from any phone, or use our new Smartphone Application

• Dictate your notes, drafts of email, or any other data you want to capture

• Your notes are transcribed in one of our secure US facilities

• Copytalk emails the finished notes to you or enters them directly into your CRM

Copytalk is very much aware that the security of your information is as important as the information itself, they have developed a comprehensive security program based on established industry standards that ensures that your data is protected.

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When utilizing the services of COPYTALK for your business, it helps to observe the following basic fundamentals to bring you savings since poor dictation wastes time and effort. Quality dictation can even help you legally: fewer transcription mistakes caused by poor dictation equate to fewer errors in your notes.

By remembering the following 8 tips for successful business dictation, you can accelerate the time it takes business transcriptionists to complete your dictation, as well as improve their accuracy – a win-win for all.

1. At the start of your dictation, gather any papers, reports that you might need for your reference.

2. Dictate as if you are speaking to your client in a meeting environment, speaking clearly so the Transcriptionist will understand you without error.

3. Speak at a steady pace and not too loudly or softly. Keeping your phone approximately 3-5 inches from your mouth will help improve clarity. Always move your face away from the phone if you ever have to cough or sneeze.

4. Minimize noises including music or television, eating, drinking, or making loud noises because they can be very distracting to the business transcriptionists. Likewise, do not dictate while there is too much background noise, it will also affect the outcome of your transcription.

5. Avoid multitasking while performing dictations. Use the pause feature if you need a drink of water or if you have the need to find other documents. If dictating while driving, make sure you have the best sound quality possible by using a headset and keeping the windows up and any other sounds minimized music etc.

6. Detail any special instructions at the beginning of the dictation. State, and then spell full details of information such as the client’s full name and proper mailing address on letters.

7. Include punctuation, especially when starting new paragraphs, and include ‘open’ and ‘close’ quotation mark instructions.

8. Avoid using a lot of ‘ahhhs,’ ‘ums,’ ‘ers’ and ‘uhhhs.’ They can be confused for the letter ‘a’. Effective communication is the art of dictation. The ability to verbally communicate clearly, concisely and effectively will guarantee a finished product of high quality. Mastering these basic dictation techniques will help the transcriber avoid unnecessary mistakes, while building your confidence in the service your business utilizes.

Learn more about business dictation service visit Copytalk’s site and you will find out all about taking better dictations via any phone by viewing their business dictation video.