Just like the famous magic word in The 1001 Tales of Arabian Nights, ALIBABA opens up a treasure of merchandise to consumer online. Buying anything you could wish from anywhere in the world is available at the touch of a keyboard in your computer or other cyber device. This is made possible by companies like the Alibaba Group, a conglomerate of internet-based businesses. Since its start in 1999, it has developed leading businesses in consumer e-commerce, online payment, business-to-business marketplaces, and cloud computing, reaching Internet users in hundreds of countries and regions around the world. Its main focus is to foster the development of an open, collaborative and prosperous e-commerce ecosystem.

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The popularity of Alibaba Group among consumers worldwide stems from the variety of merchandise it offers (“if we do not have it, it probably does not exist” they boast) and the rock-bottom prices of these goods. This is possible because it is based in China, a country known for its very low prices compared to any other countries. Of course, the quality of most China-made goods is still not at par to their counterparts manufactured in the US and other highly industrialized European countries. However, most of China-made goods are considered passable and accepted by most consumers. This is especially true when exceptional quality is not a vital factor to consider like in garments, some electronic gadgets, toys, etc.

With the proliferation of companies like Alibaba Group, one may think that the need for virtual purchasers has gone down. On the contrary, because the market for virtual assistants who will perform these errands has actually grown. Most business owners and entrepreneurs have realized the advantages of outsourcing for people to do these mundane tasks for them rather than doing them themselves, like:


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1. Saving their time if their requirements are canvassed, analysed, and bought by others.

2. They or their regular staff can concentrate on their actual work rather than setting aside extra time procuring office supplies.

3. Things they need are immediately available instead of them waiting for that extra free time (which seldom comes) to go out and do the shopping themselves.

4. They are assured of getting better quality items at better prices at lesser time if they hire virtual assistants. Most of these VAs already have lists of ready and reliable suppliers for the goods needed.

5. Assurance of reliable delivery time at all times.

6. In most cases, the VAs takes full responsibility for the quality of goods they deliver (by offering either refund or replacement policy).

Having this in mind, offering your services as virtual assistants to run errands for others is an excellent way to earn and as virtual assistants for this type of work, Alibaba Group and similar online e-commerce companies are indispensable allies. To know more about Alibaba and their services you can avail on, click here.