Business outsourcing has proven to be an effective strategy of lowering company expenses while maximizing productivity. As a result, more and more companies are joining the outsourcing bandwagon. The following are some benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines.


High Literacy Rate and English Proficiency

The Philippines has high literacy rate with its workers highly proficient in the English language both in the spoken and written word. This is because English is one of the official languages of the Philippines. Its culture also has a lot of similarities to Western countries and the people are known to have a good grasp and understanding of the Western culture. This would greatly improve your working relations as communication would be so much easier compared to other outsourcing countries.



Significantly Lower Costs

Outsourcing to the Philippines definitely means lesser expenses. It is one of the major benefits of outsourcing and is one of the main reasons that a lot of Fortune 500 companies are building their back offices there. The lower labor costs as well as lesser operating expenses greatly help big and small companies while getting the same level of results. You can allocate a greater portion of your budget for more important and essential functions involved in your business or simply save by paying less for the same quality of services.



Large Pool of Efficient and Globally Competitive Workers

The Philippines has a large talent pool with professionals who are competently trained in their chosen field. Whatever kind of skillsets you are looking for in a worker, you can certainly find it through outsourcing to the PhilippinesThere are many medical professionals such as nurses, pharmacists, doctors that can be of help to you in your health related business. There is also a healthy supply of IT experts and of course, virtual assistants and call center agents in the Philippines. Graphic artists are also joining the talent pool for outsourcing, along with other web related jobs.


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24/7 Business Operations

Others may see the difference in time zones a problem allegedly due to difficulty of communication but actually if you look at the bigger picture, having different time zones can actually be beneficial. When you outsource some of the business tasks and functions to the Philippines, you actually gain two different sets of workers. While the other set of workers finish their working hours in a certain time, another set is starting to get some work done. This results in higher company productivity. It is like having continuous business operations 24/7 without paying more.


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