A while back (3 months or so) I got a phonecall from my ex-girlfriend and she wanted to talk to me about what direction she should be taking going forward. A couple of weeks after she sent me an email with the main points we had talked about and here is the list (and its in pink like she sent it to me:));
o It’s not just about the Goals; it’s more about enjoying the
o If you want to move a mountain you have to
start small and move one piece at a time
o Don’t try and solve all the world’s problems, but pick a small niche
o Don’t be distracted by the worlds noise
o Structure your thoughts
o Its about the mind and your thoughts become things
o The only place to start is with yourself
o Life is about what you do every day
o Choose to be happy
o Have goals to work towards
o Make a decision on something, reassess in a
o Focus on what you want
o You are what you [consistently] do- fat
people don’t become fat overnight…
o Just do it
o The more problems you solve the richer you
Activating thoughts through discussions is a great way to learn. Nobody has however writen a summary like this and sent it to me before and I must say it was great fun to get and read the list. 
Thanks Andrea