When we think of major goals, back-breaking work and long period of painstaking labor immediately come into mind. This is why we are overwhelmed by the prospect of the sacrifice we have to go through even before we start lifting a finger. Result? We give up and set side or forget all together our dream cowed by the formidable price we have to pay for it.

Admittedly, major goals usually require extra effort to achieve. Otherwise, they are not worth calling “goals” at all if they can be had with a snap of a finger. However, they must not necessarily come with such difficulty to attain if only we know how.

Below are some techniques you can use to achieve your major goal with minor effort:


Decide on a major goal. This step is if vital if you want to achieve anything worth dreaming of. You must have a definite target to aim at. Do not set for more than a single goal at a time. This is important so as not to divide your focus. Write it down so you can go over it from time to time to reinforce your motivation it attaining it.


Write down a plan of actions necessary to achieve that particular goal. Set a time limit for the achievement of your total goal. Break down your plan into smaller segments with each segment having a mini goal. A segment should consist of not more than 2 doable actions. Consider the time needed for each action so you can adjust your daily activities accordingly.


Limit your daily work to only 4 hours a day, with 10-minute break each hour at the start. At the end of the 4th complete your goal for the day. At first, you may only finish one mini goal per day. As you get into the daily rhythm of working, you will notice that you will be accomplishing more as the days pass without feeling any stress or exhaustion. hour, stop and assess and record your accomplishment. Make sure you


Gradually get ahead of your plan. As you get used to your 4-hour working schedule and feel you feel you still have the extra momentum to do more (this is the result of the inertia at motion you have developed), you may add another hour to get ahead of your schedule for the following day.


Take care not to exceed the extra hour each day to avoid burnout. This may adversely affect your productivity in short-term. Anyway, getting an hour ahead of your schedule each day will considerably decrease the overall time limit you set for the achievement of your goal.



Achievement of major goals may seem daunting and scary. However, if you follow the guides discussed in this article, you will attain what you aim for without even noticing the time and effort you spent. Achieving your major goal with minor effort is indeed very possible!