Hi! My name is Erlend Bakke. Im the founder of Mroutsource.com where we liberate entrepreneurs by outsourcing to the Philippines. Today, Im coming to you just north of Trysil which is in Norway. I come to this place just to relax and disconnect from the world. And this is actually a place where I do a lot of my best work.

The technique is TURN OFF YOUR PHONE. You know you can’t have your phone on all the time. You can’t be replying to phone calls and emails beyond 24/7 because you’ll never have any real time to think. So, Im not sure if you noticed but on the side here, you have a button and you turn it on silent then you put it with its face pointing down. That will give you a couple of hours to really have an in depth thinking. and of course on your answering phone, you tell people to send you an email and you give your email address. Also remind them that that is the absolute best way to reach people.

Now if you want to learn more about these techniques, we have many tutorials that we actually give away. We give away free business blue prints. We’re just here to help you live life on a another level. We’re all about liberating entrepreneurs.  If that’s what you need, then let us know.


Erlend Bakke, founder of Mroutsource.com signing out from Trysil, Nowray.