Erlend Bakke Author of the 1# Amazon International Bestseller ‘Never Work Again

Hi Erlend Bakke here founder of and author of the International Best Seller Never Work Again.

Today I am signing in from Moscow in Russia and this is the Red Square.  This square is filled of so much history and the church behind here is very famous and I am gonna go and check that out. The background here is the Harrods of Moscow and the background here we have the National Museum with the entrance of the Red Square just there. Right here we have the beautiful Kremlin, the Kremlin is just there.

One of the things that I am touched by since coming here it’s always good to be on the road. It’s been a while since I’ve been crossing off something on my bucket list now. But one of the things that I really enjoyed with my global travel and experiencing different places is that I really feel alive when I put in a different setting where I see a different kind of people. How they do things? And all the little differences is what I really enjoy with global travel.

One of my friends Vincent here before he came to Moscow his mom said to him go to Moscow with open mind live behind every sort of preconception of what you think is right in the world. Just go there and experienced there for what you see with an open mind. Do not judge do not have any preconceptions go there and take everything in. Actually that was I have been doing all day you know I been to a river cruise today I’ve been seen the 7 scars land and put up about 50 years ago. Everything from going to restaurant where they charge you for ketchup and lemon even if you don’t order it they just add that to your bill. It is just a cool experienced to just be in a different country taking everything in. Having the time freedom and the money freedom to travel the world and make money at the same time. So if you are interested in that you can check out or read my book Never Work Again.

So Erlend Bakke here,  signing out from Moscow. Bye-Bye!