Hi! Erlend Bakke here coming to you in London. I’ve just been sitting here reading the first draft of our ebook which I had made in the Philippines by my ghost writer. Now what I did was I found a bunch of really good articles and gave her a couple of my story which I recorded and they are now put together in a 15-chapter ebook which Im gonna make free available to you here on Mroutsource.com.

Now one thing to bear in mind when thinking about outsourcing is that you need to be really creative about what tasks that you actually can outsource. And you need to experiment and fail. And try again.

Most of them will succeed but you need to start thinking like a CEO. I CEO which means all the stuff you wanna get done, you can get done. But you need to structure it and explain it in a way that somebody else can do it for you. And that’s a process that you need to get into. You need to stop doing everything yourself and start delegating. See, it’s delegate or drown.

How about making your ebook today?

Erlend Bakke, Mroutsource.com, see you soon!