Rain and more rain in both NYC and London, but I´m now in the sunny Mediterranean while training myself on how to become better at sales and marketing. Here is my view at the moment while writing this email…I like!

The next interviews on http://invincibleentrepreneur.tv/ will be focused on interviewing world leading experts in sales and marketing. The fastest way to get better at a skill is to interview somebody that is really good at what you want to learn. In fact that´s one of the reasons why I launched the podcast itself! If you go speak to the best people in the industry you are focused on you will suddenly find that you have become an expert yourself!

I´m very good at outsourcing, creating systems and making companies work without me. However I believe there is one part of a businesses that is very difficult to just leave on automation and that is sales and marketing (that does not mean you have to do the work yourself, but you need to stay up to date on trends).

Maybe you remember the film Glengarry Glen Ross with ABC! Always Be Closing. Click here to watch the famous clip:) If you are not getting more and more clients, your business is either stagnating or slowly dying. Just like you I´m always trying to learn more, do things better and grow to my potential as an entrepreneur and human. I hope you like the interviews and feel free to send me feedback or dream interviews to erlend@mroutsource.com

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Btw. What would you like the next webinar to be about? I want to do one on sales and I believe it will be with Carl Gould. Any other suggestions?

Freedom Lifestyle News
Hardcore Business Lessons with Dan Pena
Paradox fascinates me. Another way to view paradox is through yin and yang, pain and pleasure, light and darkness, soft and hard etc… Consequently this means that part of life naturally involves facing our demons, rising up and fighting back, putting hard against hard and moving your comfort zone!I´m in a phase now where I´m confronting and fixing a lot of things that I should have taken care of earlier in life and it feels great! That does not make it easy, but it feels great to be doing something about it!

PS: We all go through these phases or paradigm shifts. Please remember to take time to rest, socialize and be in the comfort zone while you are going through these processes. If you only do the hard stuff you will become exhausted and likely fail…) That´s why I regularly take a soft week where i recharge, then I go crazy for about 3-4 weeks where I take massive action. Hope you enjoy the interview!


On my Kindle
Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker
Why would I possibly be reading one of my main competitors books? Because I´m modelling what he does and is doing. I´m always taking my competitors courses, reading their books and checking out their blogs. It keeps me up to date and I often send them an email and reach out to them about suggestions and thoughts. Why would I do that?Because we learn and grow through collaboration! Yes! The only thing that separates us from monkeys is our ability to collaborate and work together. So YES I do reach out to my competitors and I do try to collaborate with them, in fact I will interview Chris Ducker later this year. I hope you enjoy the book!

Stats of the Day
———————-Marketing Automation

  • Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.
  • Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.
  • 46% of marketers with mature lead management processes have sales teams that follow up on more than 75% of marketing-generated leads.
  • 25% of marketers who adopt mature lead management processes report that sales teams contact prospects within one day. Only 10% of marketers report the same follow-up time without mature lead management processes.
  • Relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails.
  • Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%.
Must Have Gadget

LifeProof Case for iPhone 4/4S – Retail Packaging – Black
Protect your iPhone from dust, shocks, and water! I love this case and always bring it with me on holdiays where I do more extreme stuff like surfing, water skiing and rock climbing.

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Bucket List Idea
Visit Stonehenge 
15/1000 The Bucket List by Erlend Bakke
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