As a business owner or entrepreneur you have a lot to do and need to surround yourself with a great team of people to succeed in your venture. 3sixtyfactory is a team based on great people with a passion for adding value to other companies in the form of outsourcing services. We have previously focused solely on image editing services and we are now ready to launch our new service within virtual assistants. Over the years the founder Erlend Bakke has worked on developing an effective system for managing his work day that makes it possible for him to focus on the core business.

Erlend´s Virtual Assistant helps him;
– Accounting & Numbers
travel bills, personal expences, use of company VISA, check payments from clients, invoicing

– Calender
Find events and enter them into his calendar as well as remind him of important times and dates as well as enter all flights and similar tasks and addresses

– Calls
When somebody phones Erlend it does not go to voice mail, but straight to his virtual assistant that makes sure a list of callers and pupose is emailed to him at the end of each work day.

– Managment
Find and book hotels, conferences, people and so on and so forth

– Email
All emails also go to his virtual assistant that notifies Erlend of important emails that need action.