Hi Erlend Bakke here! Founder of mroutsource.com.

Today, I’m at the Broadway Tower which is where the peaks of the Cotswolds as you see here is the top of the tower here. And just like a very good view from here and just like the video I made on top of the mountain you know I just want to say that sometimes you need to stretch yourself and go up to get a view of what’s going on down there. And if you’re working daily in your office sometimes you don’t see the bigger picture,  sometimes it’s good to just go away and take some time off to yourself and get a good view of the world you know so here you can see 360 degrees  around and really observed the country side . This actually used during the First and Second World War as an Observational Tower to spot airplanes. It’s not used anymore for that but now it is a tourist attraction and I’m here you know just doing another crossing off one thing of my bucket list to go in a Observation Post that was used in 1st and 2nd World War. Thanks for watching this Video.

Erlend Bakke here signing out from Broadway Tower.

Thank you and Byebye!