Hi Erlend Bakke here!  Founder of mroutsource.com.

Today, I’m at Daylesford Farm, just 30 minutes drive North of Oxford and It’s in the Cotswolds.  It is a  beautiful, beautiful place very, very British and just a little reminder here you are what you eat  so as an Entrepreneur you need an energy and where did you get your energy from? Well you get your energy from the food you eat , sleep and rest and routine and stuff like but what you put in your bodies is actually  really ,really important. Here at Daylesford farm It’s all organic and really, really well made.  I’ve  always wanted to come here, I know the celebrities go here for different things and meals so I Just want to make this video .
Erlend Bakke here signing out from Daylesford Farm

Thank you and Byebye!