Many entrepreneurs , especially the new ones, face several problems when putting up their small businesses. Often times, these problems overwhelm them and may even make them back out even before starting their projects.

Studies show that the biggest problems these entrepreneurs have to face and, hopefully, overcome are:

  • Lack enough Money
  • Lack enough Time
  • Being tied down to their business

Admittedly, these problems are vital factors that could spell the success or failure of any business—but especially for small business owners. These difficulties maybe daunting, but NOT without solutions!

The 3 above-mentioned problems are actually inter-related. The problem of the entrepreneurs being tied down to their small business results to their not having enough time to do other obligations, namely: to search for more money to finance operation. Therefore, solving one of the problems leads to the resolution of the other two difficulties.

Let us start with the last problem first—being tied down with the day-to-day details of the operation. This is not to downgrade or disregard the importance of these vital operating details in running the business. Somebody has to make and receive calls from clients and suppliers. E-mails and letters have to be attended to on a daily (even hourly) basis. If you have websites, they must be managed and updated frequently and regularly if they are to be useful to the business.

When running any business, there are salaries to be paid, financial statements to be completed, taxes to be settled, and other bookkeeping matters to be handled—and a financial staff has to be in charge of all these.


If the entrepreneurs themselves would do all these tasks, they would surely have no time to spare to source for additional investment which eventually results to insufficient money or fund to finance the expansion of their business. Result? Slow or no progress at all, or worse—closure of the business!

On the other hand, if the businessmen try to solve this problem of hectic schedule, they might think of hiring people to do this day-to-day operation of the business and this would mean additional expenses that might further strain their budget—result? You guessed right— lack of money!

As mentioned earlier, these problems might be daunting but not unresolvable. One of the best ways for entrepreneurs get out of this vicious cycle is to seek the services of a reliable outsourcing company like MR. OUTSOURCE.


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Outsourcing companies like MR. OUTSOURCE can provide businessmen with talented virtual assistants who can effectively free them of all the daily operational routine job that eat up so much time, like:

  • Answering phone
  • Taking care of email
  • Editing videos
  • Managing company website
  • Writing ads, articles, blogs
  • Doing bookkeeping job

All these can be performed satisfactorily by virtual assistants from an outsourcing company at only a fraction of what is normally spent if conventional office workers are hired.

Once virtual assistants are in place, businessmen are free to attend to other matters that are needed to expand their business or source for additional investment, or even to enjoy a leisurely lifestyle, confident that their business is at the hands of competent assistants who could effectively look after the welfare of their enterprises.