Hi! Erlend Bakke here coming to you from sunny California. Im the founder of Mroutsource.com and Mr Outsource is all about operating your company for you. So what does it need for it to happen? You can take a look at nature. Nature just flows naturally. If you look at the waves here, it’s an automated system that’s always working. Now, how can you do that for your company?

Well, the first step is to start building systems, writing down how your company works, and then allowing other people to do it for you. And that’s what we are all about. We’re all about taking your system and managing it for you. In that process, you will get daily updates on all the work we’ve done for you, accomplishments we’ve done, tasks that were completed, etc.

And part of that process is to build a system. Let it fail. Refine it and you know, refine it again and again and again which Steven Covey called Sharpening the Saw. That’s a process you’re always going to do. But the first part is you know, taking that first step and letting other people do some of your work for you.

So if you’re interested in that, if you are interested on how to build systems, you can buy our educational pack. If you want us to directly work with you, we can do that. And if you already have systems that you are ready to just hand over, then we are ready for you. Then you can email us at: hello@mroutsource.com and we’ll get right back to you.

So, Im Erlend Bakke. Im signing out from sunny California. Goodbye until next time.