Hi Erlend Bakke here founder of Mr. Outsource.com .

Today I’m coming to you from Saint Michael’s Mount here in Penzance in Cornwall. And  Saint Michael is an Archangel  and  What he does is he has a sword and the sword is used to slay demons. Demons in the form of your own shadows, so everybody has demons and shadows specially entrepreneurs, we challenge our shadows when we get going as you know 9 out of 10 people actually fail as entrepreneurs and a lot of the reason for that is they don’t actually face their demons . So Saint Michael’s Mount here, I wanted to go here just because it’s a symbol of the truth.

So What is your truth? Are you willing to slay your demons? Are you willing to take the sword ? The St. Michael sword and kill your demons so that you can in fact do what your meant to be doing  on your quest as an entrepreneur. I really encourage you to look into Saint Michael and also start of being truthful with yourself and truth comes from within that your true self and we all have demons and we all keep killing our demons as we go through life but unless you confront them there always gonna be there no matter how much money and success you have so I really suggest that you look into Saint Michael.

St. Michael Mount here we’re just gonna go and walk over an hour and taking  the energy of the place . I am really looking forward to that experienced It’s just amazing just being here. So used the sword of truth on yourself and on others as long as you come from a right place you have the obligation to used it.
Erlend Bakke here founder of Mroutsource.com signing out from St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall Penzance UK.

Thank you and Byebye!