Hi Erlend Bakke here founder of mroutsource.com

Today I’m at a Hotel , It’s actually a Castle and today I want to talk to you about the law of attraction. The person that owns this hotel is actually an Artist who brought himself from nothing but now he drives around in a Bentley and he owns a castle and he rents out the castle as well and It’s beautiful here and it’s really really amazing that’s the Atlanta ocean behind here . I just want to say the law of attraction works and what you think about does come about. Now the goal of the person that built and owns this state his used the law of attraction to manifest this amazing life for himself but do ask yourself the question.Do you really want what you are trying to manifest in your life? Do you really want to own a castle?

You know, this is a beautiful building and this is beautiful place but is that what you truly honestly want in life because with owning nice cars like a Pioneers, there’s Martin, there’s a Bentley, there’s a Porsche right there . Do you really want the responsibility of a place like this? Do your things own you? This is worst working all those hours that’s actually obtained it or it is more like the experienced so basically of staying here for a night and It’s been an amazing time . I really recommend you going and staying in a castle but is it what you wanted life? Are you manifesting the things in your life that you really really want ? Think about that !
Erlend Bakke here signing out from Camelot Castle .

Thank you and Byebye!