Hi Erlend Bakke here , Founder of Mroutsource.com .

Today I’m standing in front of a Camelot which you can see in the background here and the weather is just amazing , It is amazing . We are staying up there in the Hotel which you can stay and called “Camelot Hotel”!

And so what I find and a lot of coaching clients is that they don’t have a quest. They’re not setting out to really do something big. They’re not setting out to do a big adventure. They’re just going out there and saying Oh! I want to do this company because I believe that this will give me things that I need to live a great life. And the true you know King Arthur went to the quest which was the quest to the Holy Grail . That was a quest that’s been reference by many movies and throughout history .

So we are actually here today to ask you what is you true quest you know If you really want to build a great company you do have to have a deeper purpose with what you are doing and a quest which Jakob Lovstad has told me today is actually a question so what is the question you ask yourself when you get up in the morning to go out and do more of what you are doing or less of what you’re doing for that sake so what is your quest? what is your true quest? And the way to connect with that is actually to a tramping rule with yourself and start taking away the bullshit you know I usually say cut the crap get down to What’s true for you? What’s real for you so you can get on to the things that really mean a lot to you and your life.

So me and my good friend Jacob here, there, we drove down here today from London and we’re here because we wanted to go here too because it was the right thing to do and It’s great to have that freedom in life to be able to pursue what is truly meaningful to you and you know live make your life in Adventure and find your quest and go out to make it an adventure and magical things will happen to you . Erlend Bakke here signing out from Camelot just behind here in Cornwall UK.

Thank you and Byebye!