Hi! Erlend Bakke here, Founder of Mroutsource.com

Crossing off another thing of my Bucket List that is driving in Lamborghini and what you can do here is instead of buying one just go rent one and you get the experienced okay so go rent  the Lamborghini and you don’t have to spend  Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars on it. So, Let’s see how that is done.

Lamborghini is built for a speed, right? And what is your business built for so the blueprint of the Lamborghini is to drive very fast and do corners and stuff like that. But once I drove my Porsche from a California to a New York and my back is killing me off after that  because my Porsche isn’t built for road car . What is your business blueprint so  that’s one thing you need to do ask yourself about today is a what is your business built for so this is a sports car if you gonna do a long road trip you may wanna have something else. Sitting here just thinking like go rent stuff because this is a great experienced you know.

That one is greatly amazing  and you know what I’m bagging on about this  If you wanna have experienced don’t work fifty years for a car like this  “Go rent one! Go try it out! If you think It’s gonna revolutionized your life and If you think it is worth working you know launching one hundred hours a week to impress your friends just to have a car like this? Think of it , Go! drive it and Go! test it  and see how it feels.

This is Erlend Bakke here, Founder of Mroutsource.com starting out from a beautiful Lamborghini

Thank you and Byebye!