Hi! Erlend Bakke here, Founder of Mroutsource.com coming to you today from Marina Bay Sands in Singapore . This is actually the highest pool in the world and my girlfriend calls an “Invisible Pool” other people call it an “Infinity Pool” . Let’s just called as an “Invisible Pool” for today.

This is none of the things in my bucket list I don’t crossing off . And so many people don’t do things in life, they go to life and they end up and they go,  oh! I haven’t done all the things I wanted to.This is on my list I have done it  and  I just wanna say either you have reason or you have results , either you have an excuse for not doing something  or you actually have done it or you’re going to do it or  you have it planned for it . So you either have reasons or results  .

And then entrepreneurship you either have  a lot people  hide behind software what I mean by that is a lot of people want your company and they don’t  go out and sell because they don’t have their websites finished , they don’t have the software in place . I encourage you to go out and sell even though you don’t have software in place.  So Erlend Bakke here! Founder of  Mroutsource.com. We wanna do a panaroma here now just to show you the pool and just wanna say goodbye.

So ByeBye!