Hi! My name is Erlend Bakke. I’m the founder and CEO of mroutsource.com, coming to you today, yes, from London, England. Lovely Westminster there in the background. Today I want to talk to you about the need for you to have great people running your business. You can have automated everything. You can have 4-Hour work week. You’re doing the drop-shipping and everything else. In any case, you’re going to need great people. And they’re going to need instruction manual and know-how to run the systems in your company.

Now in mroutsource.com, we have this thing called Mroutsource University which is a university that all our employees go through to be able to serve in the best possible way. Now, we have people for you to run your systems and if you’re interested in trying us out, you can just enter your details below and we’ll find somebody excellent for you.

So today Im Erlend Bakke signing out from London, England.