Hi. Erlend Bakke here, founder of Mr.Outsource.com.

Today, I’m crossing off another thing on my bucket list. And I’ve always want to write my own book and today it was published. It’s called “You Will Never Work Again.” It’s a business book that focuses on freedom, all about freedom because a lot of people start their own business to gain more freedom in their life but without really understanding the depth of what freedom means.

My book starts off with exploring what freedom means and what can freedom mean to you in your life, in your business. And the last part of the book, we talked about hardcore business principles, business blueprints and time management strategies as well as the importance of leveraging other people’s time. And in fact, it’s only by including other people in your business and leveraging their talent and their time, is when you can really gain true freedom in your life, in your business.

In my businesses, I have a CEO that manages the day to day business of my businesses so to speak and I get a daily update from them everyday. Saying, what they did today, problems they encountered, challenges they encountered and it’s just a simple three step process that I got e-mail everyday that takes me about 5 minutes to reply. You can read this all in my new book which I’m now crossing off it now in my bucket list.

I’m just down here, celebrating in Bulgaria along the black sea coast where I wind surfing, spending time with my girlfriend, just loving life.

So, Erlend Bakke here, signing off from black sea, Bulgaria Sozopol.